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How come Liberia’s President George Weah is already ranked the 7 worst president?


From Medium.Com the 7 worst presidents list in Africa took up the space to include Liberiaโ€™s present president. Please read carefully.

George Weah, the current President of Liberia ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ท.

Now, many of you might be saying, โ€œwhy did George Weah, Africaโ€™s soccer legend ended up on this list?โ€ There are many determinants that contributed to President George Weah being on this list. First and foremost, President Weah is not, as compared to most of the men listed above, but pretty soon he will, or maybe he might take a 360 turn and becomes better in serving his people.

Unlike Presidents before him, and presidents all over the continent, George Weah is a self-made millionaire and didnโ€™t come to power through a coup but was democratically elected. In all truths, he has no history of violence or oppressing (Liberians) his people. During Liberiaโ€™s past civil wars, 1989โ€“2003, he never committed any crime against humanity, but was always on the forefront, for peace, liberty and justice for all.
In 2005, when he lost to ex-President Sirleaf in democratic elections, he became an opposition. During his years as an opposition, his inner circle preached against injustices that they perceived that went on during Sirleafโ€™s administration. His spokesman Mulubah Morlu questioned Sirleafโ€™s unjust actions, and at times called her โ€œwicked.โ€ Being that Liberia is one of Africaโ€™s most promising democracy, demonstrations were a given right from the Sirleafโ€™s administration. They exercised their rights in a non-violent means.

In 2018, President Weah democratically won Liberiaโ€™s presidential election by roughly winning around 64% of the votes. During the past presidential elections, he promises quick fixes, unity, transparencies, and a fight against corruption. When he was democratically elected in 2018, everything that he promised on the campaign trail went south. For a quick, the first thing he did was to construct a multi-million dollar complex. As far as transparency, and being honest with his people, he failed to declare his assets, violating the countryโ€™s free information act.

In a matter of months, while in office, the idea of โ€œunity,โ€ was just in speeches, perhaps his inaugural speech, but in actions, his inner circle started to divide the country based on party-lines, and tribal affiliations. Most of his ministers preached โ€œdivisions,โ€ and anyone who dare criticize the presidentโ€™s actions were labeled โ€œenemies of the state.โ€ Within a year of his presidency, there has been a sharp decrease in the countryโ€™s economy.

On June 7 of 2019, fed up Liberians decided to take to the streets of Monrovia to express their frustrations. Irritated by their frustrations and the concern of safety, while also trying to preserve his legendary soccer icon image, Pres. Weah ordered one of his ministers to shut down countryโ€™s internet giving them no access to social media. According to the United Nation, his actions violated โ€œU.N. ARTICLE 1, 19โ€ and article Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Which talks about โ€œfreedomsโ€ and โ€œhuman rights violations.โ€

Pres. Weah publicly challenged oppositions, โ€œanyone cuss me; theyโ€™ll not walk the streets of Monrovia!โ€ In a year of his presidency, he has created a somewhat paranoid state and has tilted the political arena, from a โ€œdemocracyโ€ to a potential โ€œwatch state.โ€
His controversial views at times on progression and the unity of his people give off the opinions of a man with an unpredictable future or a man who doesnโ€™t understand the duties of his job.
Questions and potential answers:
Is president Weah most likely to be like the six men listed above? No. But, is he more likely to become a dictator in the future? Probably so, but thereโ€™s a less likely chance for him to. Does he fit the worst African leaders category? Yes, he does.
He is weak on corruption.
He encourages ethnic divisions by not firing ministers who preaches those divides.
He is a hypocrite and does not practice what he preaches.
He does not have a clear vision for his people or his country.
He has so many blind followers than people in his corners who will tell him whatโ€™s right.
He is not transparent.
He boasts more than he works. This comes from โ€œprideโ€ without โ€œhumility.โ€
โ€œHumility is with grace, while pride is ever deceiving. Pride must die in you; for it breeds the hymns of sorrow, and nothing of beauty can live in you.โ€-Henry Johnson Jr.
He still doesnโ€™t understand โ€œleadership roleโ€ and โ€œdemocracy,โ€ but preaches it to look like heโ€™s doing something. Leadership is based on actions not words and divisions. He acts as if he is President of his party, not president of all of the people, including some members of the opposition who hate him.
He is a very good man, that is loved by his people, but is surrounded by too many negative people that have never been anything or have had anything in their lives. He is usually surrounded by incompetent advisors.

Edited and reviewed by Jenni Dill.
Source: Medium.com


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