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Ola don talk kam again. But na who he come lash so?


Read this from Ola Ola Fred. Who got him pissed up again. This one is strong.




By: Fred Ola-Ola (D Humble Hustler/Servant)


1. The hustler entire team members social media friends aren’t up to urs (only one) & the least of individuals are making landmark in this society than U 👫 (no arguments, it obvious)

2. This hustler have stayed & lives successfully in four different countries with developmental track records and references of his stays in each of the country 💪💼 (wake up from slumber dear)

3. You busy looking for cheap popularity and fame; the hustler busy looking for money and records 💳💸 (I prefer 1USD than social media 100 likes)

4. You’re just a drum beater, so your sound isn’t scary because the populace knows ur wants & worth; while the hustler is a thunder, his sounds spread over invisibly and without been strong and careful it could damage your hear 🔔📣(be careful of too – know & ignorance tsunami)

5. If you could deep in findings between yourself and the hustler you’ll surely be convinced that, you’re just like a one bedroom tenant in the hustler owned estate of accoplishments. And ur monthly income can’t even feed the Hustler dog for a week 🐕 (grade 2 student bluffing with a new school bag)

6. The last time I checked; ur Facebook & Instagram fame started from Monrovia city and ends in Paynesville. To satisfy ur conscience kindly send the Hustler picture to the international body or Liberia arms of ECOWAS Youth Council; just for an atom of reference to feed ur ignorance 😲 (accept ur novice status and come for class, Mr Lecturer is here for free)

My Dear, at this stage of mine, I don’t compete, likewise I don’t nurse enemy and I do maintain little circle just because I don’t entertain drama 🎭 (anthem of a singular Mafia)

Again, checking the Hustler archives what I can assure you is that your present status and stage of reasoning was equal to mine as far back as 2008📅 (records can’t lie, just wiseup)

I still keep checking and searching to what led or could cause the hatred but I could figure out nothing. You just continue telling me WITOUT US YOU CAN’T FURTHER IN LIBERIA. Please who’re US? Like I’ve been asking U for weeks before you pushed me to the wall TODAY.

I strongly uphold and maintain a good Relationship, Rapport and Respect for the few associates I’ve here.

My Dear, I don’t fall for empty threat; if I should be scared for a wild animal is it like a snail of yours? 🔪 (before you pull D triger please firstly check how many bullets you’ve in stock)

PLEASE PLEASE & PLEASE STAY OUT OF MY INBOX and let this note speed up your threatening action. Gather your friends and start LIVE VIDEO as usual. My sincere promise is that – I won’t respond a word, just because I detest an act of “notice me” (my team will tells you). But when it comes to legal as you said, I’ll appear surely.

Conclusively, I promise not discuss you with anyone to avoid your targeted importance feeling.

Lastly, YOU ARE SUCH A LEARNER… Keep grinding with ur LOCAL CHAMPION INFLUENCE. #FactIsBitter#


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