Boss chick got no time to ask for her bossman’s phone, all she has to do is just make the request and there it goes.

Two beautiful ladies seem to be going back to back with each other as a leaked message finally pops out of a Whatsapp chat that was sent to the mean chick don dada asking for money to get her hair fixed, the said amount in the chat was $40.00 United States Dollars for which Miss Kardoe said that was not enough for a good hair, too little to ask for and she even took the money from the don data.

Was it to buy the hair and fix or was it just to get the hair and it was to be paid for later by the same guy? The story is still pending from this end.

The mean chick saw that this message was not appropriate to be kept as a secret and it was something very unbecoming so she got mad and made a public post about it. Read below:

Main chick post to Martina

Guess one of these ladies have a very big personality as the name speaks volume, but in the guys, phone Matina name is saved there as ”MKON. How can you pronounce that? Strange name but it has a good meaning to the owner of the phone.