Why do we pray to God or Why do we need him? If you’re to answer this without blabbing your left eye, stumbling through your words and finding yourself resting at the foot of a lie for salvation, you would truthfully say that you only call on God because of all you need for daily survival. Food to eat, good health, job opportunities, money, cars and every other materialistic desires that could ever be! Do you need God because He needs to be loved too? Have you ever thought deeply that your relationship with God is one sided? Since God is love, it is easy to feel that He has enough love to love Himself. We have been manipulating God emotionally just because of what we want to get from Him, just like how we manipulate ourselves with false affection towards each other because of gains best known to us. Would you believe that the reason why love seems like it doesn’t exist and relationships don’t work, but end up crashing on the walls of heartbreak is because you can’t purely keep a romantic bond with a man or woman if you don’t have an intimate and growing relationship with God? This is why the zogo love trend looks very trickish to me. These women look like they are doing God’s work by taking poor men, drug addicts from dump sites in the name of falling in love with them. How genuine and concrete is this love that these women claim that they have for these hopeless men? What do you think these women need from these lost men? Is it love or resources to meet up with their daily survival? Do people really do anything for nothing in these desperate, selfish and wicked world of ours?

You might want to ask, Why would a woman go to a reckless drug addict for resources to keep up a good and expensive life, when he doesn’t have nothing for himself? Let’s take a look at Victoria and Delano’s situation, we might be led to believe that this is love made in heaven, especially from the way she’s consistently using her social media to make sure we don’t miss any moment of her newly found relationship. If you noticed, shortly after Victoria declared her love for Delano, She wasted no time to announce that she needs help to take care of her man Delano. She started seeking funds from the diaspora and here, talking about how he needs rehabilitation and so on. Women often say that it is unwise for a man to ask a woman to be in a relationship with him, if he doesn’t have money to take care of her. Let’s switch it around, shouldn’t it be the same when a woman is the one asking a man to be in a relationship with her? How come Victoria would fall in love with a man that has a lot of needs right now, based on his mental and physical condition, without having her own hard earned money? If she’s poor, why does she need a poor man, wouldn’t that be extra liability? We should know what Victoria does for a living. She could be poor but have skills that gives her an advantage to make money and take care of Delano. Victoria’s first step after finding her man on the dump site shouldn’t be requesting for help from the masses. Now her agenda to fall in love is more like charity. Was this her intention from the get go? If so, Delano is Just a money generating machine for Victoria and not a boyfriend or lover. If you agree with this statement, then you agree that Delano is being emotionally manipulated by Victoria! Because, if it’s ok to just pick up a man to be in a relationship with you all in the name of ‘He needs help’ without considering whether he loves you or not is the beginning of the end of that romantic bond. Right now, Delano doesn’t have a choice, he would sheepishly follow any direction Victoria directs him to , even if his real nature is that of a black goat. Let me ask, What will happen when Delano gets rehabilitated? Become a better man and start making decisions that would liberate and elevate his life. Would Victoria be glad that she no longer has control over Delano and not try to silence his voice? Would she be ok when he tells her that he wants to move on to another relationship because he wasn’t in love and he has found somebody he loves? Would she let him go without having one issue? Don’t we think this Zogo love trend is an emotional trap for these helpless men?

Look! I am not saying it’s evil for a woman to see a man and fall in love. Even me, as a single dad and no relationship, if a woman like Victoria walks into my life to give her heart and all to me, I will feel completely blessed and I will make use of the opportunity to love her deeply and grow the relationship with her because I don’t believe in ‘falling’ in love but “growing” in love. So it’s easier for a woman to pick a man like me or men with my mentality because there’s already a healthy mind frame to build with someone. Building with a man that has money earning skills is very necessary, we need to know what money earning skills Delano has? Because you can’t keep helping a man that wouldn’t be able to help himself. That’s like trying to fill a basket up with water! Even if Delano doesn’t have skills to make money right now, Victoria need to tell us if she’s sure that he is willing to learn skills to be able to provide for himself and her. Furthermore, Are we sure Delano hasn’t been helped by family, friends or a Good Samaritan before and all he did to tell them thank you was to return to the dump site as a Zogo? We need to know what prompted him to be a Zogo and that’s because we don’t know his past, we wouldn’t know the kind of future he’s capable of having. What if he used to be a criminal? How are we sure he wouldn’t hurt Victoria someday? What if he has seasonal mental breakdown that’s nothing different from madness? Don’t you think he might wake up in the middle of the night and start laughing by himself and destroying things? There’s a lot to consider. I am looking for my own Victoria too and I know many men like me wouldn’t mind a woman that would deflate her ego, humble herself to build from scratch with you. But hey! Men like me wouldn’t want any woman who would make that kind of rare sacrifice then later regret it someday because I became ungrateful and wicked. Another thing is, Being a Delano makes a man too vulnerable, we men don’t like it when a woman uplifts us then she starts playing God. There’s a very high tendency that this would happen between Victoria and Delano. A lot of women are following this trend that Victoria started, it looks like a good narrative but after all you’ve read, Do you think that Zogo Love is a get rich quick scheme or An emotional Redemption for our Liberian Women?