We must have all right to be free and have access to every right that a human needs. Liberia has been one of the slow growing nations in west Africa when we talk about entertainment, a country that was also hit deadly by the coronavirus leaving it to settle from where it was before, this left an alarming heart alarm in too many people as lives were taken suddenly and late diagnosed of Coronavirus.

After several months of relaxing home, on the health protocol that states, “Stay Home Stay Sade,” and wearing of Face Mask to get into public places as well as washing your hands frequently to avoid the virus spreading, the country opens to the public in all sectors of Life, as the international airport, RIA opens to international flights.

Gearing up from event houses and parlors, Liberia entertainment has been on a hold for the longest time while other activists where open widely to the public, this drop the revenue of too many entertainment companies, bars and clubs as well as cinemas. Managers of Artists, Actors, movies houses were all in a broke state of mine hoping that there will be an open of everything so they can put food and bring out young talents back to the spotlights.

Pageantry Kicks Off in Paynesville City After Face of Paynesville Lost Its Name.

Miss Bilikon Contestants

The first welcoming program was Miss Bilikon Ent, this program is similar to what Bilikon had in years called, Face it Paynesville. This is a beauty pageant, helping young woman to understand their full potential as they grow to become career women and how they will be a better role model to the society.
Another big program that never touch the soil of Liberia is called the Big Brabee Liberia -BBL. Nobody has to say much when it comes to how creative this is and sends a big message to others around the world that Liberia is getting itself ready to meet up with international standards, this program is in direct proportion to Big Brother Africa, this is the first of its kind in Liberia and its a spot light to many things we haven’t seen happening over years in Liberia.

Let us look at the modeling and designing side of Liberia.

Fashion icon met the sugar queen..
CEO Affair

MTV and JEM Cake Inc Bosses

We have MTV clothing line merging his brand with a fashionable lady and a woman who’s the most talented lady in cake making presently in Liberia. Momo Thomas Vaii who’s suppose to be wedded earlier this year could not due to the coronavirus outbreak that erupted all activities around the world, but fortunately for his fans, business partner and the media, he came out with his lover to show her to the world, and she’s not just anyone that can’t be seen or remembered in places that isn’t recognized, she’s good at making cakes of all kind in Liberia. She’s the CEO of JEM Cake Inc, this sound like so much of a money move for the family. Now we are seeing wealthy celebrities and money moves.

Fashion is Not A thing People Steal, It’s a gift that People Practice on.

Miss Earth Liberia Contestants

The rumors been spreading about models, that they are not too brilliant and can’t do better things and represent a lot of things in Liberia because most of the models are not focus to what they say they are into, they don’t know their path to modeling.
Miss Earth Liberia has changed that prospective and has branded itself for the world to see it as a bigger and more celebrated thing in Liberia, like how we have other great programs that can’t be stolen or can’t lost its taste for fans to see what’s coming up and what they can benefit from it. Miss Wokie Dolo(Miss Liberia) has shown beyond all doubt that she’s ready to change too many things that haven’t been changed in Liberia modeling agency since and before her time of being a Miss of Liberia, she’s the First Lady that a president every sang for all in the name of her great contribution to the lives of young and talented young women. Miss Earth Liberia was a success, they got their Queens and Liberia got a representation that can represent her in the Miss Earth International beauty pageant. Miss Earth Liberia was the most attended program since the opening of the country after Coronavirus seize a little.

Singing and Dancing – Liberians shares Their Sad Moments With Happiness as Karaoke Nights Bounce Back

Karaoke Night At Angler With Hazem – Double H

Too many things has been away from the people, no way to party, no means of seeing new faces, the country was in a total shut down. As Liberians welcome back Karaoke Nights with Double H at Anglers. There are lot of improvement and willingness to attend, you see younger and beautiful people in happiness and having good times together as they sing, dance and make new friends, every Thursday you see new artists, top celebrities and bigger investors at the Karaoke, Hazem who’s like the God Father of Karaoke has turned the table around and this time his Karaoke is still the best so far and it came right back when Liberians needed it.

Too many things has been happening over the past months, Liberians are giving more support and this isn’t just about been supportive but they are now looking for the best to spend on. This send a big message to investors that Liberia and Liberians are ready to welcome anyone into this country that want to invest into entertainment, you will surly get your thousand and millions back. The people want quality and authenticity programs and entertainment events going on.

Let us wish for more as Liberia gets better while the criticisms drops, now Liberians are learning how to support more these days then criticizing their own all day.

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