Bill Cole of Big Hands has been a name that stuck in the ears of young kids growing up. People use to ask like, who’s Big Hands when they see their ride passing by, it wasn’t something strange to see that their car was always loaded and super fly from their youthful days as a musician. Matthew and Bill were actually a team, first with Bilikon and later settle as their own artist under their own banner of Big Hands ENT and later had a charity home.

Growing up as musicians, serving as dancers on their own team they never fear the stage performance as well they were nominated on several occasions as well won an award for their brilliant work too. Distance does a lot of things to most Africans who leave their nations to further up their career and studies in another Continent, the two brothers had a split in two different nations and continent for studies . The name Big Hands came down slowly till it is left with individuals’ own ability to work and make their dreams become a reality, that’s where Bill Cole came back bouncing like he never giving up on how Liberians saw them when they were kids.

Bill and Matthew – Big Hands Back Then

Bill Cole who’s always doing his thing hasn’t given up the fight, he’s always doing his best to come up with a sound and as for spending money on his arts isn’t an issue, he has feature artist from Ghana and other parts of the globe, he’s one artist in the Liberia community that can’t be compared with when it comes to spending money for quality videos, good sound and featuring international and local artist, don’t ask about his promotional aspects, he’s way too good in it and doesn’t beg for his work to be done.

The Bus Ride EP

After several played songs, the artists decided to come back and this time it’s his first time of all time to drop an EP on the web, which is also screening on all international platforms, this couldn’t be said completely but it’s a big true, this artist growth has been left with him all along serving as a manager and a sponsor to himself, fortunately for him, he’s now manager by a female who seems to put in more time to the his craft and art. Releasing the EP “THE BUS RIDE” is a big deal and it has open doors for international and local recognition for him, his songs are being played in the Big Brabee Liberia house of Drama, Blogs are making top selections of his release, promoters are seeing the juice the songs have in them, this is just too much to handle from the EP The Bus Ride.

Click Bill Cole – Magically Video to watch the full video

This is how much you need to know Bill Cole, he’s back and he said he’s not stopping till he hit the peak which he was once on as a team when he was seen as Big Hands. Singing with top Liberia artist in the early years of the 2000s, he has always believed in himself and never backs down from the game called music, especially knowing Liberia music has been so bad when it comes to benefits, he never stops pushing, he’s young when seen in person but he’s not a new artist, he’s just an artist that left the scenes for a while but he’s back to break it and win awards.

A review of his songs / EP is coming up next but please click the link below to get his full EP and other songs on his YouTube Channel.

Bill Cole on Set for a music video

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