Gary N. Noring Jr. is a brilliant figure that came out of nowhere to be recognized among thousands of youths with his challenging talents and most supported skills as a blogger. Taking a spot in the entertainment arena in Liberia is quite a hard thing to do, you need to quietly study the people you are coming at and how best you can take what they have by all means, even if it means challenging them, this was What Gary did and he never hesitate to take what he seems vulnerable.

Gary came out within just a year to be seen as a blogger, he started as a personal blogger just to take the news of Bucky Raw to the world, that was where he targeted first, he knew that when he did this, people will want to know more about the most talked-about male artist that was deported but had a great talent and was changing the music game in Liberia, he saw nobody doing that for Raw, also Raw was in beef with few other rappers including Christoph The Change, Chiller and just to name it. Gary bought his way through and became a writer for Bucky Raw. Posting for Raw for almost 6-8 months he got well known and his page got more followers.

His Ego.

It was not that clear what Gary was running after by then, he settles again and decided to make another move. Gary looked at all the influential people in the industry, he decided to get to them one by one, due to his constant write up on individual his pages were blocked on several occasion because people dislike the content he published about them, his pages were reported to Facebook. Staying as a blogger on Facebook for almost a year he turned up to be one of the most trolling bloggers ever in the history of Liberian blogging. Gary got at everyone that he had a chance to get at, this drew the attention of few high personalities like Carlo Boi CIC and others who address bloggers in a rude manner because they were angry by one man’s action, CIC then calling bloggers, Bloggasses.

Joining Team.

He’s not just a smart man, he wants to be the best at what he does, he claimed that he’s the best and Liberia most talked about blogger within just a year. Gary’s ego grows beyond his imagination. He started attacking not just entertainers but he went as far as to individuals that weren’t in the spotlight and force them to be seen only because of their association to anyone in the industry, that wasn’t bad, that’s one of the most creative steps a good writer does to attract more attention to their platform.

Michelle made a status after hearing about what happened to Gary

He went on Michelle Doe commonly known on Facebook as Michelle Michelle (Engage lady to Sheik Sackor, one of Liberia biggest businessman and government official) for a month plus, he also got few collections on JSlught, CIC, Master Queen, MC Caro, and the list goes on as he incorporated others in his trolling that wasn’t part of the industry, he brought in the associates of those that were in the industry. This is how it all went down with Gary being looked at as a bad blogger, but actually, can we say he’s not a blogger?

He is a blogger with a fearless style, just to make this easy to understand, Gary take things personal in writing, he mostly side against those he writes on with those that are their enemies, he actually makes you see he’s writing on you because someone said so, his bold steps wasn’t just bold but was not constructive to guide him out of being attack any time soon.

Gary, JSlught and SIK

The Final Attack.

Reading several posts from the just ended TLMA 2020, Gary was attacked by an artist and by a business who’s also a government official those rumorsly talked about in the beating of Gary names are as followed, Joseph Tah (J Slught) (Artist) and Sheikh Ibrahim K. Sackor (SIK) (Businesman & NSA officer). Reasons were not clearly posted but there was some news surrounding the incident.

From sources of what Gary Said, this was what he wrote to few other platforms that asked him what happened and he wrote on his official page.

On his official page he wrote this telling the truth about the matters from his side.

”The real truth

I went into the dressing room to take Artists pictures to post on my blog

I saw EZYPAIN, I took his pictures I saw jslught trying to speak to him he didn’t respond to me I try taking his pictures cuz I wanted to do a post about his award last night he said I shouldn’t take his pictures so I forget about it, he and his team were talking and jslught said he dare me to take his pictures which I was not even around him again

So I responded “so the one that in my phone not the same pictures”

Jslught just ran on me pushed me and punched me I was not even paying attention to him so when I try to balance to face him everybody held me and started throwing me outside the hall

So when I went outside playing with my phone Trying to contact my Team

Michelle Michelle fiancé Shiek (SIK)

Saw me and told me to delete every post about Michelle Michelle and him

Cuz I posted him when he first came I said

Michelle Michelle promising husband came thru Tonight

Ion know how Commenters saw it

It did not go down with him or about what Michelle and I can be kidding sometimes on my blog

He put slap in my ear and threatened to kill me in 52hours time

If he see any post about him and Michelle on my blog

He said he will hurt me and nothing will come from inside it

Thats how my friends came around we left the place and went to the police station and reported my case last night that SIK Michelle Michelle fiancé threatened to kill Gary The Blogger for posting him and his fiancé on Facebook

If followers think for artists to put hands on bloggers and for NSA workers to use power to threaten bloggers lives is funny, then you’re wrong. It could be you or the next blogger. Keep it in mind”

The post that was deleted from Gary wall that personally made SIK mad at him(Gary).

With this situation you can tell that things will surely make other bloggers afraid to write and be seen in public places, that is if they don’t go personal. It is good to go personal but don’t let the public know who you are. Gary wanted to be known so he careless about his own self, he only cared about the name Gary The Blogger but not the person carrying the name. If he has a good lawyer he can take this case to the court, butthe laws are funny and it will need papers to show what you do and have the right to do what you doing, both parties will show their rights in their actions towards what has been done.

Let us hope for the best.