Rumors have been spreading about a lady that normally steals gifts and other valuable things at a wedding and since then this lady hasn’t been caught even one time. She was said to be living in Gbarnga city, while others who have spotted her before haven’t seen her since most of this incident took place.

Miss unknown lady has the habit to always ruin people’s wedding by stealing whatsoever she can get hands-on especially the value ones, as victims complain about her on social media and in real life. Here’s a post made of her recent crafty work.

This post made other folk write out what she been doing, they all seem to be a victim.

Now, this lady is on the run, who’s going to find her with the picture given, she’s a notorious criminal and been doing this for years, some say, she has even run away with cars that had all the wedding gifts and other belongs of people as well. But who’s this lady? That’s the biggest question. Nobody knows her family or hasn’t set an eye on her twice.