News you might not want to hear because you think it is bad to hear as a human, but for others, that’s the best news than the news. Knowing very well that we all have to die one day, gives you the energy to do better, live to your best, and be the person you want to be, because there’s no time in coming back to be ready for what you wasted all your life not doing.

Search a time like this, Liberians are left to wonder about the mysterious death messages, posts, and writings flowing through the internet of one of their most successful gospel artists, who goes by the name, Moses Swaray, who happens to be a voice from Liberia that raised so high in the United States when he was alive among so many Liberians that didn’t take the lead, but he did and use every opportunity he had to sing with some top gospel artists in the states. With the voice of Moses, you could hardly see his mouth open to the good vibes of him, but he was blessed beyond doubt with a golden voice as he was well known as The Star is Born, which made him the man he is today by bringing him to the spotlight that made his name a prominent name among many Liberians in and out of Liberia. Moses in 2008 stood up to represent Liberia on Project Fame in Nigeria, on August 5, 2020, he released his hit gospel song video “Jehovah Over Do,” and lots of other great songs.

A father of two lovely girls and a friend to all that knew him. This sudden news of his departure from this world, brought upon the hearts of Liberians to wonder what was the causes of his death. A man that wasn’t mentioned to have been ill or anything as such but was pronounced dead and speculated by several blogs that he was involved in a motor mishap, some said he was sick and was fighting for his life, and the story continues, with this in the ears and on the lips of many, news has echos and echos comes like whispers with the breeze that encourages words from the walls of shadows, which was over dropped in the ears of a few from the lips of some unknown sources that Moses was found near a pool unconscious and again the same unknown whispers said he was found in the pool unconscious and as well he was found in the pool dead. With all these speculations, how is it possible that he went swimming and nobody saw that he was draining, with no video coverage, if he was in a motor accident how is it that there’s no vehicle shown from what happened, could it be a suicide death or a kind of mystery that his team can’t understand to let the public know by now?

Fear and questions have come to the minds of many, the substantial story of his passing hasn’t been stated but there’s a whole lot of speculations that is raising concerns. The biggest question right now is; How Did Moses Died?

We wait till his management speaks out, as we can’t disclose anything here, but we are certain that the cause of his death is yet to be enunciated by his team, right now it’s all presumption and this might result in more fear because everyone is so concerned as to what killed Moses or what lead to his death.

This news shocked all on July 15, 2022.

This was one of his last posts made on his story before he departed from us.