Life goes on. A lot of young people has faced trauma over the years of so many disturbing things that have been overshadowing their life for years without any further help due to how society takes things and misinterprets them; allowing the family to be the ones settling issues that do affect a child’s life, even as that, their children’s life without further investigation or the intervention of the laws governing the society against some crimes.

The just-ended Big Brabee Liberia season 3 which was called Gbe-Su-Lu-Ku just end with a winner, this time who’s a male. At the show, a young contestant narrated her story about how she was raped and has since been keeping silent for the past 5 years, and this story was acted as a live drama in the house of Gbe Su Lu Ku where she shared tears and couldn’t hold back the memories of her being raped by her foster brother and allowing this trauma to hunt her for years without letting the laws take its full action against such act.

After her the story was told, she couldn’t hold herself in the house anymore, notwithstanding, she got a clear picture her side of the reality show was over and she needed to back off, for her win was accomplished, now that the world has heard her story, she needed nothing but to leave the house of Gbe Su Lu Ku, she asked Big Brabee to evict her in the diary room and her wish was granted. After all, she had a very close friend that motivated her to be strong, and not to allow the trauma of the past to hold her down, a male friend she met in the house, who happens to be Tracks The Don, another determined young man who’s into fashion the same as De BorBor Queen

Finally, to let the public know how she feels, she dropped a post on social media, and our media elites at Gossip Liberia took advantage of this story to let the public know what a young has been faced with, even though she’s having fear of being bullied for what she spoke on by community dwellers and others, but she decided to speak out once after five years of trauma from being rapaed and allowed to be kept in the ghost box of silence. 

Here’s the full post of Honey Borbor, known as De Borbor and the fashionable boss lady of De Borbor Fashion House and the Queen of Borbor Nation.

This is not over till it is over, it is seen that she needs help, because of speaking out after five years of the incident she’s now facing the fear of being bullied by friends, family, and society. H

How best can she be helped?