LNDC-GLOBAL Tournament, the platform that brings Liberians scholars from across the World and the 15 counties of Liberia closer together, showcasing their brilliance to the world, and changing the wrong narrative of our country’s Educational System.

Following the online tournament that was held last night for the debut edition of the Liberian National Debate Championship Global, there was two successful winners. Watching from all over the wold on several online TV platforms like, KMTV, SATCOM Channel 2,

Tamma TV, and also on the host page @Youth For Change Inc.

This debate was joint with four of Liberians in and out of Liberia, four great intellectuals young Liberians, two for which emerged to the weekly final on Sunday expected to run from 8-9:45 PM, Liberia Time.

Congratulations to Ruth And John. Now the world is egerly watching to see which of you will become the weekly Champion on Sunday.

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