Students have always been the victim of a crisis that was to be hander with respect and order. Students have always paid the price for the struggle against colonialism; for democracy, human rights, academic freedom, and social justice. These images of repression and brutality against peaceful students in South Africa and Liberia will never go away.

In Soweto South Africa, June 1976 students were beaten and thrown into jails, killed, while some females were faced with sexual abuse cases and treated like slaves in the fight for their rights. That time South Africa was ruled by the whites. Liberia and South Africa – Soweto to be precise have a similar image to share with the world about student brutality.

October 15, 2019 students took to the street in demand of their teachers’ salaries, they were flogged, from the street, chase into their campuses, students were wounded by police brutality. How is this possible to see, children with no weapon were beaten by police officers that took an oath to protect and guide their citizens.

How does the world see this?

That’s the biggest question.