Murder, disappearances, and ritualistic killing, political assassination and the list goes on.

Liberia a country with less then 5.4 million people where there’s no job and the unemployment rate is as low as 3.30% since 2020 till now. A very low one, everyone seems to have issues living on $1.00 a day to feed their family. Self employment has been one of the most successful way to generate income, but still the country has people who are not thinking on such. Liberia police are known to be corrupt, with this said, there have been several cases of murder, mysterious disappearance, signs of ritualistic killings and there have been no source linked to any of these happenings, no one has been caught on any of the 20 individuals death we are about to list.

Liberians been complaining to the government to strengthen the security force with more equipment and give the streets access to additional security services to help with cases as murder, rubbery, and other things that society won’t see easily with their eyes. This has been one of the hardest things to do, the people seems to sound like they have no right asking for things that they need for their safety, because the necessary requirements to live happily in Liberia is not an entitlement for the citizens except the government officials. Presently there is a pending case to be solve, which is the death of Princess Cooper (Deceased) which is a case everyone which to know what went wrong, but how far can the National Police investigate this is the issue at hands, if they can’t find who or the source of her death this will be making it the 20 death without a trace so far.

Gossip Liberia has the list of few individuals that were murder with out a trace as to who’s the killer. These people death have been linked to ritualistic killings, disappearance, political murders and the list goes on. Here are the first 20 names we can

  1. John Hilary Tubman, son of former Pres. Tubman;
  2. Rev. William R. Tolbert III, son of former Pres. Tolbert;
  3. Matthew Innis of the Central Bank, believed to possess information about missing 16 billion;
  4. Kollie Ballah, driver at Central Bank who transported the 16 billion;
  5. Miss Maude Elliot of the Immigration Service;
  6. Emmanuel Barten Nyesuah head of the Internal Audit Agency
  7. Gifty Asmah Lama auditor of the LRA;
  8. Albert Peters auditor of the LRA;
  9. George Fanbutu auditor of the LRA;
  10. Alexander Yeahnur in Rivergee;
  11. Eliza Robert in Maryland;
  12. Madam Hawa in Cape Mount;
  13. Mulbah Kunyon in Cape Mount;
  14. Afoa Williams D#9 montserrado; county;
  15. Ma Nowai in Johnsonville
  16. Siafa of St. Moses employees death mystery;
  17. Robert Blamo Jr St. Moses employees death mystery;
  18. Blama of the St. Moses employees death mystery;
  19. Odell Sherman


20. Princess Cooper of Island Clinic

Twenty Liberians have died under mysterious circumstances or have been murdered, and no killer has been arrested and prosecuted