A guy indentify as “Mr Jetur McCarthy,” a Liberian entrepreneur and business man who was allegedly brutalized by ERU Boss called Amos Williams. According to source Mr.McCarthy wife Ruth McCarthy who arrived from the united States of America.Ruth McCarty went to an entertainment center at camp David in Parker corner one of the community within Brewerville district #17, According to Mr McCarthy this alleged act arrived when his wife went to buy at the counter and Mr Williams (ERU Boss )shown his middle finger at his wife which never went down with him trying to ask Mr Williams,but the reaction was negative that prompted the misunderstanding that led to his brutalization.

This act was done on march 26 Saturday where he took his family for the first time for entertainment, McCarthy who worked with LPRC spoked to the Liberian media that he was victimized by the usual act of the the supesended ERU Boss who used Arm to fear citizens.

Source: Gust Room Liberia