Exciting to know love is a good thing, filled with excitement and so much pleasure, but S*x is the master of emotional satisfaction that either keep people close and vibrant in deciding to move forward, but most importantly, vision, productiveness, mind-blowing ideas, and a successful flow towards life should be a key factor in relationship and that’s what went wrong with Retro and Rica. The rumors have been like this;

Before getting into Big Brabee House, it was like meat on bread, these two saw their affection as a thing base on both parties having the same height and differences in complexion, they grew more attracted to each other, and the three letter phrase word became a normal thing before they heard Big Brabee Liberia voice on the first edition of BBL, that means they knew each other from Big Brabee gathering before getting in the house.

Retro and Rica had one of the most viewed scenes on BBL, matter of facts, Rica grew more fan base after telling the story of her life, this was something that blew up the minds of fans, she became a drama Queen that was something everyone felt was the attraction of the show, she was called upon everywhere on social media.
The ball game came to an end, after the entire show, Rica didn’t mind taking a cent from Big Brabee due to how the show ended, which brought in the laws of Liberia. Their life became like a movie and a lifestyle to watch, everyone, every blog took a hand on their story, they grew fame that they didn’t expect to come so fast, but that’s the thing of being in a reality show. Rica fans generated up to 7K, this is where the issue came up, Retrica’s had a car, open an organization in their names, as Retrica Foundation, they spend like three months lodging in a hotel (this was like a gossip), had bodyguards, they lived the dream of celebrities, but the money didn’t go far, it finish due to lack of proper planning.

The whole relationship became a cat and dog fight, the hustle started, being the dominant one in the relationship Rica had to make some moves, it didn’t set well with Retro, all things fall apart, this is how it ended. From that time till now they are not seeing each other, and it is no longer a blame on either of them, but they lived without a vision base on where they found themselves. Love died after 7K was blown up without a proper investment.

That has been the gossip around town about Retro and Rica.