Speculation arises over the cause as the President addresses corruption concerns, continuing the speech seated and under state security protection. Official updates awaited on his health status.

During the inauguration ceremony today, President Joseph N. Boakai collapsed while delivering his national speech. The incident occurred amid intense heat and a crowded environment in Liberia. Delegates from around the world had gathered to witness the swearing-in of the newly elected president.

Observers speculate that the high temperatures and the president’s attire, which included the heat-retaining Liberia country cloth, may have contributed to the situation. Notably, President Boakai did not drink water during his speech, possibly leading to dehydration in the sweltering conditions.

The collapse happened shortly after the president addressed the issue of corruption, vowing to hold those involved in misusing country funds accountable. Following the incident, President Boakai continued his speech while seated and under the protection of state security.

As of now, the president’s health remains unconfirmed, and it is unclear whether the collapse was solely due to environmental factors or if there were underlying health concerns. The nation awaits official updates on President Boakai’s condition.