President Weah, 59, Prioritizes Private Life and Regional Peace, Vows to Stay Clear of Politics Until 90 Years

In a surprising announcement during a Sunday church service, Liberia’s President, George Weah, declared that he will not return to politics in 2029. The 59-year-old leader expressed his intention to prioritize his private life and contribute to regional peace initiatives.

“Six years from now, I will be 63, and I cannot work for two years. Therefore, the best course of action is to promote peace and prosperity for our country, and nobody is going to drag me into politics until I reach 90 years,” President Weah noted.

This decision comes as a shift in the political landscape, as leaders globally occasionally choose to step away from the public sphere to focus on personal goals and contribute to other causes. Weah emphasized his commitment to promoting peace and prosperity, highlighting the importance of these values for the future of Liberia.

“I did not come into politics to hijack power,” President Weah stated, emphasizing his dedication to a vision that extends beyond holding political office.

Observers note that such decisions by leaders are not exclusive to Africa and occur in various regions. It reflects a personal choice influenced by factors such as age, evolving priorities, and a desire to contribute to different aspects of life.

As Liberia looks ahead to the post-2029 political landscape, President Weah’s decision adds a new dimension to the country’s political narrative. Whether this marks a permanent departure or a strategic pause remains to be seen, but it underscores the dynamic nature of leadership in the global context.

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