(GL) – All human beings are 99.9 percent identical in their genetic makeup. Differences in the remaining 0.1 percent hold important clues about the causes of diseases.

There are more than three million differences between your genome and anyone else’s. In Liberia we have two brothers that look alike, the youngest and the oldest, Chris is the youngest and Dag is the oldest.

Chris who’s a model has been on top pages as one of Liberia handsome dark skin Liberian model. He’s good at what he does and his appearance is just what you don’t need to ask anyone if he’s a model. He’s smart, intelligent and is creative.

Dag Dag

Dag is a creative photographer and a manipulator with images, he’s smart and his passion for photo manipulation is so great. These two brothers has been seen so many times and mistaken who’s who.

A big snap show up before their faces as a man and his daughter came out showing their true love for each other. Benny Harlem, an aspiring singer, songwriter, and model, started the year off with an impressive record to his name. Harlem is the title holder of the tallest high top afro at 52,07 cm (20,5 inches). But fabulous hairstyles is not the only treasure the man has. They has a record in the Guinness World Record to their name. His daughter name is Jaxyn and she said to the world, “He really is the most wonderful man in the world. His soul inspires me to be my best. Daddy is my confidant and my teacher. Not just in my school studies, but my teacher in life.”

Benny Harlem and daughter Jazyn

This is just a little story about the father and daughter with the longest dark hair.

Dag and his brother Chris are a total resemblance of Benny Harlem, especially for Chris he looks so much like this man. Could they have some genetic link?

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