Considering estrogen in women directs fat to the buttocks, people have assumed that the massive release of hormones during sex would lead to a bigger bum. According to studies, increased sexual activity and satisfaction can make women believe that their body is changing, affecting their body image.

You’re (Big Butts) more intuitive than women with smaller butts. Studies suggest that women, who are generally more empathetic than men, become especially attuned to people’s feelings around the same time they develop curves at puberty. Evolutionary theorists think there could be some connection between emotional intelligence and butt size. Because shapely women who have the largest butts and smallest waists appeal to so many men, they needed to develop superior social skills to assess and select potential mates. Let us drop to Liberia where we been having a controversy issue with one of Liberia sexy lady that took to the internet in 2019 and made it through fast.

Covered up but still have the pieces popping

Baddie Sky is a Liberian young lady that grew up in the city of Paynesville. She passed through the wall of secondary school, she’s was known to be smaller in body and shapes. After few years when she graduated from secondary school, she started getting more sexier than she were before. Her curves got more smaller while her butt increased.

There have been several drama on social media about her butt not a 100% attractive as it looks in real life but on pictures, many of her friends that knew her back in high school doubted the fact that this girl could turn to be a hot and sexy lady so fast is like a miracle and it can’t be true. Unfortunately it has been a bad thing to see Baddie in person.
A lot of musicians has asked her to be in their musical videos but she has turned them all down.

Baddie Showing off the ass and shapes.

Too many ladies has refused to accept that this lady is having the shape she has now. Seeing her past pictures gives you more to believe it is so impossible for her to get this much curve and so pretty as well.

She joined Instagram November 24, 2019 and presently has 174K followers.

In November 2019 Baddie joined Instagram where she decided to back off from Facebook because of the way Liberians take issues, issues they don’t wish to ask more about but they create drama to spoil people reputation. She has been on Instagram in less then a year and fortunately for her she’s ranking as one of the most followed Liberian lady on Instagram. She’s not someone that is seen in public places often, not into entertainment for the fans to see her in person, but she has gotten more fans on Instagram then in real life.

Baddie Sky brand is quiet a good one but her images are not selling her for the right thing she’s built for and say she’s into. She has her page as a model but she’s not under any modeling agency in Liberia or out of Liberia, and she’s not going after any. A lady with such body need to be branded into a real big deal and get some good cash, she already has the followers, the fans and the appearance, but she’s not taking better pictures, also seeing as a branded model for wish she claimed to be with such a beautiful look and curves.

Growing up she look like this

One thing most people don’t know is that Baddie Sky real name is Benetta. She’s a Liberian and happen to be a mother by Gossip. Baddie is presently the most curve Liberian lady with the fast growing Instagram page in Liberia and among Liberian models( which she claimed to be a model)

When the actual shape started coming out.

Presently she has more follower then great online personalities like, Master Queen, Karishma (Her Royal Highness) Rickslyn Myers and other top female celebrities in the en the entertainment industry and all the models that we surround our platforms with, except for international model Deddeh Howard who’s also a Liberian model in the diaspora.

She’s running with more followers with and more then some important influencers in the Liberia community.

Baddie could have a better brand and more people running after her page which sponsorships and other opportunity as she claimed to be a model but she seems to have turned all opportunity down that she don’t see interested in. She’s still building her brand while her IG page is claiming so fast.

This is attractive do you see her that makes her page goes wide with followers.

Officially she’s not on Facebook, pages open there are not her page and not managed by her. All these pages are fake and be aware that your won’t be chatting with her out there but some fakers.

She’s not on Facebook with any of these names.