Years of peace and happiness were in the face of Liberians when this prophecy came out by Reverend Mother Dukuly in the year 1983, July 3.

She made this prophecy on the three great happenings that will change the lives of Liberians forever through the reign of leadership. She prophesied these words: “Doe will be overthrown and there will be bloodshed; a tyrannical leader will come from the north but will be booted out.

There will be bloodshed and massive destruction again more than the first one. A woman will succeed him, there will be a hardship during her reign, after her, a leader will emerge from the south; he will be overlooked and condemn but will be loved by the ordinary people. It is under him that the country will prosper. People will wonder whether there has ever been a civil war in Liberia. The generation that will witness his presidency will prosper; they will enjoy the land.

He will be God’s choice and after him, there will be no more war. Liberia will forever be prosperous. I may not be around to see it, but God has told me and his words never fail.”

The analytical point of this whole prophecy is this. President Samuel K. Doe got into power 1980 and died 1990 under the attack and umbrella forces of Prince Y. Johnson troop, was succeeded into power by Charles G. Taylor in August 2, 1997 until his resignation in August 11, 2003, booted out by another civil war that took him in exile for which he (Charles G. Taylor) said for the love of his country, he will go, by Gods will he will be back. It then came to a presidential election after Moses Blah served as president for few months and then resigned, Liberia got an intern leadership that lasted until the election date came and its new President was Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first female president of Liberia and Africa as a whole.

The called her the “Iron Lady.” She stayed as president for 12 unbreakable years, from 2006 to 2018 and Liberia saw peace but the start of hardship was introduced. After her years of services to the Liberian people, there was another election for which she was never part of as a presidential candidate based on the constitution of Liberia, and this time she turned the power over to George M. Weah, which he served his first government position as senator for Montserrado County from January 14, 2015, and got in to the president seat on January 20, 2018 till present president of the Republic of Liberia.

With this prophecy, how do we determine who’s the person Mother Dukuly was talking about, is there anyone left or are we already at the end of the prophecy?

Liberians are in questions as to if this man is coming or has come.

Is Pres George Weah the Chosen one???