Still remembered as Miss Mano River Union, Miss Goretti Itoka few hours ago wrote on her social media page with regrets that she has been turned down by the National Director (ND) to participate in Miss Grand international 2021 pageant, for which Miss Itoka won Miss Grand Liberia 2021 pageantry.

Read below for facts.

β€œHello Everyone🀍, Sadly, I would like to inform you all that the National Director (ND) of Miss Grand Liberia abruptly decided that I will not go for the Miss Grand International pageant for reasons completely confusing to me. Although, it was left on the fact that I did have a conversation with the ND a while back about Depression in the β€œPast” and my words were later manipulated and taken as reason for me to not go for the pageant even after in that same conversation making my statement very clear that it was in the past. Also, This abrupt decision came after my team (Manager, designer and trainer) wanted to have a meeting with the ND about plans for me and my schedule for the pageant. She (ND) was adamant that she will handle everything and didn’t want to talk to anyone regarding my participation. This is the only issue we had, and to my uttermost surprise after a few mins, she called back to give me the shocking news.

I’m so sorry to all of you that was supporting and investing your time and finances into my preparation. This is a lesson that I have learned to make sure I understand very well any organization I decide to be a part of in the future and to not get taken advantage of.

However, the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Information, Culture affairs and Tourism is handling the situation and has sent a communication to the ND that the reason (depression) she stated is false and misleading, and they (MICAT) have worked with me and I have shown no sign of such.

I will keep you all posted as things unfold.

P.s. The ND after abruptly deciding that I will not go for Miss Grand international 2021 pageant decided to offer me a 2022 slot which I rejected on grounds that I participated and won Miss Grand Liberia 2021 and not 2022, therefore I’m still focused and working hard on my pageant goals.”

On August 10, 2021, Miss Grand International made a congratulations post on their Facebook page for Miss Itoka.

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