Zainab was once trolled on social media for having affairs with several artists in 2020, these rumors are yet to be true or false, but we move on. After such a disturbing moment from social media trolls blogs, as a young lady, she managed to let that passed by getting glue to a female friend, a friend she called her to ride-to-die partner, they walked, danced, and move together.

Zainab once said she had her mind made up on money and nothing else was in her head, she made a post with the entire brain label Money on each part(On April 5, 2021), it is not a surprise to see such from a lady, they love money and most of them don’t know to work for it like the way they spend it and yarn for it, the sad part.

Zainab graduated from secondary school two years ago, hasn’t had the opportunity to enroll in college, she was just slaying and having fun, clubbing, and celebrating her young lifestyle.

The change:
Recently we noticed she’s no longer rolling with her best buddy, she’s busy finding means of great income and has enrolled in a higher learning institution. Seeing as the new face of Club Beer Bilborads around town. This young lady is putting up a fight for success as is seen from her latest improvement.
With the level of changes in Miss Zainab’s life, she’s certainly aiming for a higher peak in Life.