By: Abraham “DJ Baby Boy Kamara”, Contributing Writer

Super-talented—that is the description of a fast-rising Liberian female musician Tialae, who possess a captivating voice and has proven to be a star in the making. Born into a family of musicians, Tialae began playing piano at the age of 5 and by 10, she was singing in adult mass choirs. “Music is in my DNA and a direct gift from God. If you take music away from me, I’ll be a nobody. I began perfecting my musical skill from a tender age, most importantly when I joined the church choir,” she said.

As a star in the making, the Liberian artist is versatile with singing and rapping on Afrobeats and R&B-infused tracks that have been well-received among Liberian Diaspora communities. Among them are the singles “We Will”, “My Love”, and “End time”. The latest song “End Time” is a song inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. Tialae currently has a songwriting placement for the 2020 Film “Turnt” staring Jamal Gravy and Torrie Hart. The film is produced by Mann Robinson of MetroWealth Films. The single entitled “Breathe” is the movie’s soundtrack. Tialae also co-wrote the song entitled “Here” for Music Mogul Karen Marie Mason’s book tour. This record is sung and performed by an Atlanta based artist by the name of “Ten”.

With a vibrant and powerful voice, Tialae is a complete package that includes writing music, recording herself, directing videos, playing the drums and piano, a definition of a true artist involved in all aspects of her career. As an artist on a mission, Tialae’s dream is to use her God-given voice and talent to put her parents’ country, Liberia on the map musically. As it stands presently, this country with so many talented female musicians, can not boast of many international successful female singers. Careful analysis of her music, clearly reveals the joy she feels as she sings and performs. She is genuine in the presentations of her craft. What she does and that in itself is amazing. Her passion for music speaks volumes. She is the next big star without a doubt. Tialae musical influences growing up came from her father, Etta James, and Sam Cooke. She wants to make her mark in the music industry and inspire people everywhere. Her father, Bishop Dr. Samuel Fahn Ticker is one of Liberia’s Gospel Legends.

He was prominent on ELWA, ELBC, ELTV, known for Writing and Composing Kpelle songs “Pa Ku Lee”, Jesus Katoni, “I’ve signed a Contract with Jesus” and many more. “My father is my world and my idol. He is the reason why I strive so hard for music. I stood in a church full of over 100 people and my father’s song “Pa Ku Lee” was printed in the books and the whole church was singing it,” Tialae said. “I said to myself wow, my father is a legend. I promised my father that I will be his legacy and the money he never mad in Liberia from music, I will make it and give back to our people, and that I will carry on his legacy and continue to uplift his name because I am his prodigy.

Tialae likes to think of herself as a one-stop-shop. She has written over 200 songs, she vocally arranges, and executively produces her records. She works closely under the mentorship of A&R/Executive Producer Kevin Shine and had vocally produced records for several local artists in Atlanta, Georgia, U. S. A. Still, unsigned, Tialae has an ample amount of new music being cooked up and will be released soon. Please be on the lookout for this rising star.

Check out Tialae on YouTube: Click Here Tialae