(GL) – It is true that Liberian women are beautiful and to an extent, they are good at many things, cooking, caring for their men, they are smart and passionate about making positive changes in the society they live in.
Many people around the world get to know Liberia through its political struggles but what changes the whole part of Liberia’s past and struggles is when foreigners meet up with our beautiful women, they get too attached to them, want to visit our country, marry our women and born children as well. Don’t dare make a Liberian woman smile at you when they love you, or when they just want to take a pure picture, they will steal your heart away and you will be a dead soul to falling in love, don’t mind the smiles, it’s just sometimes their acts of being generous and loving to those who want a brighter day.

We have a collection of few Liberian women that you can’t dare say they never brighten your day, night, or whatever time you came across them on the internet or in real life. These ladies smiles are so beautiful and unique, they are happy souls just by seeing them. Someone might say it is good to have a person that always brighten your days with a beautiful smile than a frowning face.

On my list of beautiful smiles from Liberi, our algorithm has selected five possible pure smiles that are always shown and people have testified to it brightening their life through a moment of glace, even on pictures, real-life or trouble times, these ladies always smile to make a bright day come to a lost and dark soul that is hurt or in worries.

Jarsm Fmatta Russell

1. Jarsm Famatta Russell who’s a working-class lady, she’s hardly seen in bad moods, always make people feel comfortable with her just by giving you a perfect smile that will make you feel comfortable to have a private discussion with her and to confide in her on things that she can talk to you about and make you believe all will be well with her smiling face and pretty look. Jarsm push for a better Liberia is shown through her working efforts with NGO’s and private institutions, she’s educated and not just educated but beautiful to not be ignored by any man that has potential. She’s seen on Instagram @jfaruss you will never regret following her for more smiles.

Brahm Dorko

2. Brahm Dorko is a young and happy lady that has the driven power for fashion, also love for a human. A graduate of the Stella Marris Polytechnic. Her driven passion for human happiness shows on her smiles every day, she’s so pretty and has the real representation of a black woman, the hairstyle, and her dark skin tone. As a young lady who see it to give out the best smiles to the world every day and brighten the lives of others through her generous look, she has branded herself as a perfect image of Lofa county born, perfect lady that does nothing wrong by smiling but making people life happy with just a smile each day to wake anyone up from their sickbed with joy in their heart. She’s on Instagram @le_lofian, you will have no regret knowing her and visiting her page each day to smile with her.

Monnah Joy Zally

3. Monnah Joy Zally has touched the surface of being one of Liberia attractive ladies that stands among thousands of black ladies in Liberia to remain pure and decent in her character and someone that doesn’t talk only on domestics violence one-sided way, but for both male and female. She’s smart, God fearing and a humble lady. She’s someone that can’t be unnoticed when around, her spoken words are so clear and she makes sense in all she talks, she’s doesn’t speak easily when it is about making the right choices. Her smiles are just so perfect and wonderful, she uses that to soften a troubling heart and a bad moment for anyone, her smiles actually gives you the joy you need just by paying attention to her with a glance. You can find her on Instagram @shes_royal22

Prinell Moore

4. Prinell Moore: A devoted Liberian lady, devoted to her job and making the best out of what she has to do when it comes to her job . She has been spotted as one of the pure soul when it comes to her true smiles. Prinell isn’t too much of a photogenic person but she’s set to make a point whenever she upload a single picture, her smiles are pure, that alone makes someone want to know her. Even when she’s afraid she smiles, that’s the perfect thing about her, and her smiles give you reasons to want to smile and know her if you don’t know her. She’s passionate about doing the right things and always keeping people happy. Find her on Instagram @prinellmoore

Lelee ”D”

5. Lelee “D” who’s a Liberian Nigerian, a brilliant and carrying lady. Growing up with good friends, she was known for acting in movies at an early age. She’s smart and very intelligent. Her warm smiles have always made her feel safe and it protects everyone around her. Meeting her in person is like meeting a soul that is always happy and she will encourage you to smile as well. Lelee is a lady driven to gaining more through education. Knowing her for yourself is just what she always ask people to do. She’s a black queen and a happy soul. She’s on Instagram @_aaliyah_official

These are our top 5 Liberians female that we noticed over years that their smiles are just perfect and can make anyone want more of it for a Shinning day for which their appearance can help heal some angry man or woman heart to bring joy and happiness to their wounded heart. Keep following us for more on other Liberians, men, women, and children.

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