Currently at the CDC headquarters in Lofa County– Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee is making the case!

Akin to the deadly Ebola virus that torpedoed the lifes of many liberians and people around its surroundings in 2014, is the emergence of the most dangerous and deadly Coronavirus which is a global concern. Every responsible government is making sure that all preventive measures are put in place to save its citizenry from such calamity. The CDC government is speadily and tirelessly making sure that all preventive measures are put into place. Henceforth, the CDC led government dispatched some of its finest revolutionaries and medical practitioners to reach out to their respective people and counties to inform them about the danger of this virus. Mayor Koijee and Hon. Fallah spearheaded the Lofa’s deligation.

Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee and Hon. Thomas Fallah is making sure that the masses of our people in Lofa County take some preventive measures against the deadly Coronavirus in the world. The CDC government is concern about the health and safety of its people. Therefore, every preventive measure and material intended to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus will be deployed and executed.

More besides, the Lord Mayor of Monrovia dedicated several items including medical items, buckets,flowers, asserted materials, cookbooks and food items to the Elders, Chiefs, students,youths and the women of Lofa County. He averred that Lofians must unite and make Lofa County great again. He also acknowledged that Lofa County and its citizenry are unique traditional people with so much hospitality. He urged them to be supportive to the government that remembers them always and care for their livelihood and transformation.

Lastly, the Chiefs, Elders, youth and students groupings of Lofa County extended their warmeth appreciations to the CDC government for not turning its back on them.They are proud of President Weah for giving their sons and daughters influential positions in his government to further help them improve their living conditions. And so, it goes!

Source: Faluku Freeman