The sensational singer had a dream of becoming one of Liberia’s best of all in Afro Pop, RnB, and Best Producer ever that Liberia has known, but with time being an enemy to us men, he became to see his life falling beneath his knees as progress became deteriorates.

After the passing of Quincy B, the youngest of all producer at his time(Rest In Peace QB), Kizzy came up as one of the best that were left to face the challenges in making better music, on the team of SOG,  because he was one of the lead musician followed by CIC, they were both good at what they knew best, along with their teammate Punchie D’ Zombie.

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Kizzy W egotistical attribute grew so high till he could barely stay in the team, he walked away and made his way to be solo, this was one of the most troubling news to face for the young team called SOG, everyone felt the team was going to lose its vibes, but it kept booming with CIC becoming the main focus.

Kizzy W, was signed to a group in Nigeria called SNG, later walked out to another on August 23, 2019 called Champion Sounds a label record managed by Edwin Tisdell, a place where the Soul Fresh team breed from, but things never worked well. He dropped a song while with them called DEM Talk which he Featured Benny Sound on. He took a visit to the USA and came back but nothing changes in his career as someone who was expected more off from the fans he got a newer Instagram page boosted and gain more followers.

Kizzy W new Instagram page came as a big mark for him because he took a whole year as a top celebrity he was to get 2,331 followers, made 22 posts and followed 1,210 persons in a year, this was not right for his status, he later closed that page and in less then four days in the USA he open a newspaper one and got 11.2K followers on a page he made 3 posts on and followed 366 persons, this made other artists to put in more time to their social media pages, especially Instagram followers. Kizzy W old Instagram Page and His New Instagram Page - 2018

Kizzy had one of the most talked-about relationships ever in the industry, Karishma and Kizzy W love were more of the best it could be for celebrities, this was something that got Floyd Nation coming out back to back at the musician who was on solo, but things never worked, Kizzy W took his family and love issues out to social media and his home spoiled before the eyes of everyone when he was looked at as a man full of violence and also seen as a domestic violence contributor. Kizzy and Karishma Relationship in 2019

Kizzy is not just good at what he does when it comes to music-making or music productions, he’s one of the most talented sons of the soil, his thoughts have been like nobody gonna take his spot, till Jslught came and knocked him off his title, coming next is Kilas who’s pushing through and the list goes on.[fvplayer id=”20″]

Recently Kizzy W took to social media to gain some relevance, he was spotted posting few miserable things about his life, this was just a play to get the attainments he needed, but he wasn’t so sure he wanted to do this, he came strong and had some old picture of last year which had his face swollen up and he posted it to make his enthusiasts and allies feel pity for him, just to know he was doing well and needed to get the notoriety he needed, his name was circulating all over the internet for 24 hours in a day.Kizzy W stunt that called out the attention of all.

It is hard to drop a strong ego, Kizzy W has been thinking about how to coalesce with others in other energies of life apart from music, he came through at the tournament that was hosted by Master Queen, he sitting one of the alternative players that were coached by his former teammate, CIC. Seeing that CIC was the coach of the team and Kizzy W was able to sit and wait to be put on the field of play indicates some degree of tolerance and subordination that Kizzy wants to get his acts together and be a reasonable guy that people don’t know him to be.

After so many posts and accusations made by few associates that Kizzy W is selfish, hostile and don’t have a feeling for people except he wants to gain something from them, what do we expect to see Kizzy W fighting to gain from the Public that he’s no coming low from his high ego?Caught on camera with an unannounced lady at Master Queen Tournament - 2020

He was caught seeing with a lady throughout the whole tournament, they were in some inseparable posture that demonstrates she’s his new ladylove, and if she is, guess she’s the one making him think twofold when other ladies could not make him do what he’s doing right, right now, as a means to unite with others through sports.

What should we expect from Kizzy as he’s trying to get a comeback?