Little Jesse as a child

It is a blessing to see a young man growing up to see success in his arts and crafts, especially in a country like Liberia where the struggle for success is like a death trap without any external help that everyone is faced with in their every day’s life to make their dreams come through.

The SOD Family in 2016 and 2012 performing at A church Program.

Jesse from a young age knew nothing but the church as his dance hall, his playground, and his only home to have the family and friends he had, have or need in his life. Pushing through his path to greatness he always had the voice to give out that make even the little ones to have a chill on their body like an angel is descending from the heavens. Minister Pratt is not the kind of minister that had his life with all the butter placed in bread, he grew up the hard way, he got discipline like any other kid that needed his parent’s guidance and protection, this helped him greatly not to divert from his path of greatness as a minister he is today.

Signing a record deal with USH production

After several nominations without being recognized, he came through as one of the most trending gospel artists lately among all his mates in the same act of gospel music, he was recognized and nominated in the MTN Liberia Music Award (MLMA), 2020.

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On September 28, 2018, he had a great performance in Ghana representing Liberia out there, Jesse is not just any kind of Gospel Musician that will make you dance to any sound, but quality note and a religious voice from above for which he was given from the day of birth.

Jesse Pratt at his Album Launch

On December 13, 2020, Minister Pratt endorsed an agreement and a contract to be managed by USH PRODUCTION as their first artist that they have sparked out of the entire Liberia entertainment industry. His new signing gives him the most outstanding video production ever in the history of Liberia, a Live stage performance by the media company he sighed under as an artist.

Yesterday, 12-13-2020 at 5:00 PM Confirmed Destiny Album Launch had the entire ministerial complex hall on fire, young ministers, preachers, and ambassadors of the gospel were seated, Christian believers were under the roof to be blessed and be a part of the album.

PAUL Harding Performing at Jesse Album Recording

The entire hall was filled up to the last seat, what was so astonishing about this event was that it was blessed with more youths, the entire Hall was covered with young people in celebration of the great album from Jesse Pratt where he had other great gospel musicians in the house, like Min David Saraih (USA), Sammie Peters (Nigeria), Paul Harding (Liberia), Lovetta Qualah (Liberia), Pst Mark Cooper (Liberia), and Georgina Harris (Liberia). These young energetic praisers and musicians had the whole assembly hall in praises to God, and their contribution to this program was a success.

Jesse came through happy as usual and he made history, this was the first gospel album, first music concert like to be recorded live with the congregations present to be there to watch and be watched later by themselves, they understood how to do what’s best and it was recorded by USH production with contributions from other media houses in Liberia, the collaboration in this was full with too much energy and unity.

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With the look of things, his team has a lot more to put him through, they are ready and organize to change the concept of things, not just the gospel music side of life in Liberia, but the entire entertainment industry, USH Production is not just into Music videos but the creation of movies as well.

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At the end of the concert he give everyone a big surprise by engaging his girlfriend Congratulations Theoma Bruntus Collins, her smiles shows that she was ready to accept it all from Min Pratt, last night was so awesome, started with love and ended in love.

 Congratulations to Jesse Pratt and Theoma Bruntus Collins