When you hear the name Jungle you think about the wide life, but this isn’t about wide life it is about wide money and a better life. This name has a record of one of the most successful names in the Liberia entertainment industry. This name is attached to most of our artist’s success and how they reached where they are today.

Leo with the Ladies

Jungle Boyz an Empire own by Leo Johnson who’s basing in the United State of America, a Liberian by origin. Leo has been in support of Liberian arts and culture through music and clothing line for a few years now, he been involved with advocacy with other young people and older ones. His touch never reaches out and is left undone without progress.

PCK and L’Frankie

As one of the most successful managers in this industry, from PCK and Frankie to Feouls, he never left a dull mark in their lives. Jungle Empire has successfully branded these artists with the best they needed to bounce in the industry to make a hit, from the studio, apartment, and Car.

The weight of Jungle Boyz has been felt throughout Liberia without anyone knowing much of it, now Jungle Boyz bounces back after they fall out with the three artists they have worked with, artists like, “Back To Buchanan Boys” – PCK and Frankie and “My Jue Ehn You SpayFeouls. After a year or two from departing from an ended contract with Feouls, Jungle Boyz been out of the media for a while.

Feouls When he was with Jungle Boyz

Gossip Liberia reaching out to the CEO, Leo, he was asked about why his brand name is no longer ranking out in the industry like it was before. He said to us;

I am working on few things that have bigger opportunity for our people back home and it will surely be a great help to all, our clothing line, our music and much more to come that cant be disclose till it is finally out, but before we get out there, we will let the world know through the media.

Music That Feouls Sang When he was with Jungle Boyz

Jungle Boyz coming back in the music game, by buying one of our young and still standing group that went on a break to work on themselves, 2in1, the joint name of two young men, Sun and Shine. Jungle Empire bought their first song done after a year away from the music game as a team or group. This song is called “Zombie.” In this song, they are featuring Revoluxion on it and was produced by Taz.

Jungle Boyz is in high gear to do more then what they have been doing in past time with Librarian artists and the whole industry in general.

Leo Johnson – CEO and Founder of Jungle Boys

As we wait for more updates from the CEO of the Jungle Empire, we are also getting set to welcome its clothing line to Liberia with a store alongside all of Jungle Boyz materials.