CT.Com Liberia Ltd. Marketing Manager was caught up posting these eloquent photos while attending the Matriculation ceremony of Cuttington University. The company has been caught up in a controversy with Wee Care foundation regarding The Most Beautiful Girl Pageant which they claim is a franchise own by them. According to sources, Mr. Korpu is the one running things while his boss Mr. Christopher Hayes Onanuga is out of the country on vacation.

How would this end up for the organizers of the “Most Beautiful Girl in Liberia Pageant” as it is being stated that Mr. Korpu acting on behalf of his company have contacted their lawyers and are ready to head to court? We were fortunate to get a copy of the letters from their lawyers.

If this happens as it is said the franchise is for Ct.COM Liberia Limited, then there will be lost of loses for the organizer of this pageantry. Sponsors are pouring in from other nations, the judges are to come from Ghana and the designers as well for the wear that are to be designed for the contestant. the curtain is drawing down on the organizer so fast as it might lead to future embarrassment that will totally make things worse for the contestants who are presently putting in more time with their branding and representing the county at this great program that have already scheduled lots for other programs in the name of raising funds to carry on its final pageant due for this year-end.

let us take a look at the letter below: