Seven years ago, Friday The CellPhone man left Paynesville City, 12 houses community, leaving his family, friends and loved ones.
One of Liberia’s best culture dancers, he performed on traditional weddings, shows, wake keeping and at traditional events in the late 90’s to the early 2000s before he left Liberia.

Friday the Cell Phone Man set foot in the USA to better his career and make his life meant to be a help to his people and boosting the energy he had back home all those of hardship with his team, but it never went as planned. Working with Klass B, Scupelubedu and other top guys that had his team all set on the dance flow to make people feel the sound of real traditional dances and instrumental.[fvplayer id=”6″]

Being in the USA all these years really never branded Friday the Cell Phone Man as he was when in Liberia, his look might have changed more, his style also change, but he lost a lot from what people knew him for, his cultural style, his music style, his dress code and a lot of other things as his physical appearance.

Welcoming The Cell Phone Man to Liberia a few days ago set ablaze on him, as the media carry out his look, his utterance and other critical things about him. The Cell Phone Man was never moved by what the media said about him, he stays move on as his plan was and is, he visited the Ministry of information cultural and Tourism where he had few snaps with the ministers and others who openly welcome him back home as he has always been one of Liberia best of all time when the people needed someone to hold them with entertainment and traditional sounds.

This year so far has been of good things and best wishes for all. One show to another, and a concert after the other. The Cell Phone Man came back home to host a show for his people after all their years. Remembering back when he was in Liberia, he had no chance to host a show this large, where be would be putting on stars he has on his show now, though most of the recent artists were not even in the music game when he was dancing to the drum of our traditional tune.

November 29, 2019, is the date set for his back home concert.

You can also read more about him and his early years here before all this happened.

“Solomon “Friday the Cellphone Man” Smith (born February 16, 1980) is a Liberian musician from the Grebo tribe. Starting from the bottom, his career began at the age of five years. In 1985, he initiated dancing with the Maryland Culture Troop, and then was introduced to the Grand Gedeh Culture Troop in 1998. Soon after, he started dancing with Banga National Culture Troop, which is in Bong County. He had a dance studio in 1998 called Dance Calabash where individuals from Paris came to learn Liberian traditional songs and dances. At the heat of the war, he left and went to Monrovia where he commenced dancing with Culture Ambassador from 1992 to 1993; he founded his own group called African Culture Promoter (ACP).[fvplayer id=”4″]

After managing to finish the song Malawala Balawala in 1994 on a providence island, he then went to Ivory Coast and danced with Malawi Balawa Culture Troop International. He also went with Liberian National Troop to Libya, went back to Monrovia in 1999 where he worked at a studio (Watankar Studio) on 5th Street Sinker. He recorded his first song called Nagaswen. His first album didn’t sell in 2002 because of the war, so he ended up recording another song at Deport Road Studio called Monrovia Young Geh in 2004, which made a hit in 2005.[fvplayer id=”5”]

In 2004, he recorded his hit album “Simple Mistake. Soon after, his career skyrocketed and he was performing around the county. Friday the Cellphone Man received an award from Unicel for the song “Play Your Low” in 2005-2006, and Information Ministry in 2008 for the song “Biggest Mistake”. He also receives a few other awards. In 2008, he came out with “I Will Buy You Cellphone”. In 2012, he came out with the hit single “Teldewene”.

Friday the Cellphone Man is currently working on his new album “Visa” which is scheduled to be released before November 2015. He is also touring around the world. Because he is a victim of the Liberia war, he created a foundation called “Solomon Smith Foundation” in 2009 where he worked with orphan individuals. His mission is to build Liberia up and create jobs for people that don’t have one.”

Friday The Cell Phone Man – “Biggest Mistake”.