Music satisfies the soul, So as sex! These powerful elements of human happiness both create a pleasurable electric and emotional synergy between the body , the mind and your inner self(Soul). The relationship between these two as gone as far as: The type of songs you play in many scenarios determine how explosive and fantastic the sex would be! Mostly , if your partner understands the artistic expression of intimacy through love making. And also , songs with sexual lyrics and romantic vibes are listened to and enjoyed more than songs that don’t have them. So, it’s wonderful to say that Music and Sex were birthed from the same womb, which is intimacy! and they are inseparable. Sex without intimacy is just two bodies rubbing on each other and scientifically that is Friction. Also, Music without intimacy is different sounds colliding and that’s complete noise. In a brief conversation with Sir Reno, A multitalented Liberian musician, who is a fine blend of Jimmy Hendrix(Legendary Guitarist), The vocal appeal and sweetness makes him the male version of Tems , the smoothness of his Aura only brings one name to mind and that is Usher Raymond. This conversation wasn’t the regular one, because Sir Reno isn’t the regular celebrity.

As I watched him strike the strings of his guitar with Chords that unlocked tunes that felt like it was coming straight from heaven, I laughed at first and he was wondering why I did, until I asked, “Is this how you caress the body of women you make love to? “ Now my laughter made sense as he couldn’t stop laughing too! I asked that Question because everything about him spells a ladies man, especially with that kind of soft and seductive vocals he has, then a real masculine body with six pacs to add because he is also a body builder. He would surely be on any woman’s bucket list as a man to have sexual intimacy with before death calls. One month from now, Sir Reno debut single “JOLIE” drops! May 3rd to be exact. The snippet of this classy and cinematic music video shot, edited and directed by Jalve 04 Films is out and everyone is talking about it. His caliber of musician isn’t often seen in the Liberian entertainment space, especially how matured and relatable his music is.Before he could answer my next question of what inspired his song “JOLIE” he wasn’t shy to say that he caresses his guitar just the same way he handles the gorgeous body of women that choose to experience sexual paradise with him. Sir Reno made it clear that every woman camel’s toe needs pedicure and a very professional one too! His words , “I don’t just make women cum multiple times I make them Squirt“ when I heard this , I asked, Do you know that it’s only very few women that have this experience in a lifetime? He said yes! and completed it by saying that , it’s the main reason he doesn’t go into a woman without giving her maximum satisfaction that makes her legs shake or make her moan uncontrollably. “My love songs naturally make women wet , this is to tell you how serious I take satisfaction both musically and sexually “. So I asked, Is that the reaction most women would get when “JOLIE” drops on May 3rd?

A thunderous laugh clapped through the atmosphere as he said, “Yes! That’s how beautiful Jolie sounds”. Sir Reno said that “JOLIE” was inspired by every woman in the world. He said, “Women go through a lot and they leave so much unsaid. It’s sad to see so many of them unloved, furthermore, it’s worrisome to know that as a woman you barely get sexually satisfied. Women need to be cared for affectionately: Emotionally, financially, sexually and morally “. It was nice talking to Sir Reno as he boldly reveals that he is not that guy that would break a woman’s heart or leave her unsatisfied sexually. One thing I am very sure of right now is that there’s no woman out there that’s not anticipating the release of “JOLIE” on May 3rd.