Time flies like a thief in the night. At times we often move on with our dreams by setting up our legacy because it is our time to make our dreams come through, but some people don’t follow their dreams alone, they remember the legacy of those that made them stronger even if they have one, some people continue what their parents left them doing or what they saw their parents doing.

Child and older ones were fed in memory of her mom.

One of Liberia’s renowned Fashion models, Dearest Dolo had a broken mirror piece to put together some time last year when she lost her mom. Growing up with her mom, was all she ever knew as a young lady coming up, a mother in her middle 40’s passed on leaving this model so broken where she had to face the world alone with the last words her mother left behind with her daughter, words of discipline, encouragement, and to be strong with no mother’s guidance in presence of this tough world.

Dearest Willtress Dolo and Her Mom. Check.the caption on her mom picture

Dearest has shown beyond all reasonable doubt that she’s stronger than she looks in appearance, this young model took upon herself yesterday to celebrate her mom’s birthday in grand style in doing the same thing her mom normally does for people, things she was happy doing as it was like her normal way of life. Dearest cooked and wore her late mother ’s dress and had the entire day in celebration with people she knew her mom will want to be around on her birthday if she was still alive.

Dearest Cooked and Wore her late mother’s Dress. Read the caption on the picture

As a young woman whose dream is to become a better person for others to be inspired by, she never stops amazing the society at large in the fashion world and serving as a kind-hearted person in society and a woman that was brought up to show love and honesty to others.