Every time we see smoke coming from somewhere we believe that there’s smoke and fire is behind it.

Miss Earth 2020 came up to the media to report about the recent attitude towards her from the organizer of Miss Earth Liberia. She seems to have other things to say but she just came out this time with just the issue at hand.

Read the post below:

Robel Hovers Message to the media about Wokie Dolo behavior towards her

This is so embarrassing to see, every year Wokie Dolo (Miss Liberia) will have an issue with one or two of the contestants under her brand, but this year it is not about who’s going to be the next Miss Earth Liberia, it is the Miss of 2020 sending in her regrets and she’s not attending today’s ceremony for which she’s supposed to be turning the crown over but it’s not going to be so because she’s not attending as a common person with a common ticket. This seems funny but it is serious.

From the post she made you can see why she’s not attending.

Complimentary Ticket given to the official queen of miss earth 2020 to attend to finale of Miss Earth 2021