Elijah Johnson led the first colonists to cape Mesurado in 1822, after a two-year wait in Shebro, Sierra Leone. He reportedly came from the New York area and was a veteran of the war of 1812. Johnson officiated over the colony’s affairs in the absence of ACS agents, and as Captain and commander of the militia, directed the colony’s defense and led victorious offensives against slave trade at Trade Town in the Bass a Coast.

He founded First United Methodist Church, the oldest congregation in Liberia, on board the Elizabeth en route to Africa. His son, Hilary RW Johnson was the 11th president, grandson FER Johnson was Secretary of State and Chief Justice, and grandson Gabriel M. Johnson, twice Mayor of Monrovia, was Supreme Potentate of Marcus Garvey’s UNIA.

Rachel Johnson served on the 1847 Flag committee. Gabriel Johnson’s daughter, RACHEL JOHNSON MASSAQUOI, was named after her.

Source: Historical Dictionary of Liberia