In the vibrant tapestry of Liberia’s music scene, a new voice has emerged, bringing with it a fresh wave of creativity and innovation. Kolopiano, a relative newcomer to the Liberian music landscape, is swiftly carving out his own niche within the genre, and it’s all thanks to the pioneering efforts of one man: Darius Vevo.

Last year, in 2023, Darius Vevo burst onto the social media scene, captivating audiences on Instagram with his debut single, “Decembrees.” The track quickly garnered attention, amassing an impressive 138,109 reactions and counting. But it’s not just the numbers that speak volumes; it’s the undeniable talent and vision behind the music.

Vevo’s style is nothing short of exceptional, with bars that are unmatched and lyrics that are both pleasing to the ear and thought-provoking. Each song tells a complete story, weaving together elements of his personal experiences and the cultural landscape of Liberia. It’s this unique blend of storytelling and musicality that sets Vevo apart from his peers.

As Liberia’s self-proclaimed “#1 Afro-Fusion Prince,” Darius Vevo shows no signs of slowing down. Despite being based in the diaspora, Vevo remains deeply connected to his roots, infusing his music with the sounds and rhythms of Liberia. In fact, some might argue that he’s more in tune with the country’s musical norms than many of his counterparts who reside within its borders.

But what truly sets Vevo apart is his relentless drive to push the boundaries of Liberian music. Behind closed doors, he’s been hard at work, honing his craft and preparing to take his sound to the world stage. And with each new release, it becomes increasingly clear that Vevo is poised to make a lasting impact on the global music scene.

For those who have yet to discover the magic of Darius Vevo, now is the time. With his LinkTree account, fans can easily access his entire catalog of music and immerse themselves in the world of Liberia’s most exciting new talent. Trust us when we say: once you’ve experienced the artistry of Darius Vevo, you’ll wonder where he’s been all your life.

After he did “Moko” he came out with another track called “My World,” then “Decembrees“ and now another anticipated one called “IYBD.” Trust me you want to listen to all and watch whatever video there is to any.

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