In a dramatic turn of events, Prophet Key, a contender for the coveted Cultural Ambassador position in Liberia’s new government under President Boakai, finds himself embroiled in legal turmoil as he faces multiple lawsuits upon his return to the country.

A writ of arrest has been issued for Prophet Key, marking the second time he has faced such action upon entering Liberia. This time, Ambassador Juli Endee has filed a staggering $5 million lawsuit against him, adding to the mounting legal challenges he faces.

Furthermore, Honorable Melvin Snowe awaits Prophet Key to address allegations made online regarding the honorable Kizzy W., further complicating his legal predicament.

Despite the mounting legal pressure, Prophet Key remains resolute in his decision to return to Liberia, announcing his arrival in the capital city on February 14, 2024.

The pressing question on everyone’s mind is who will represent Prophet Key in these legal battles, and whether he will emerge victorious against the formidable adversaries he faces. With his future hanging in the balance, the outcome of these legal proceedings will undoubtedly shape Prophet Key’s fate and influence the political landscape of Liberia.

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