Liberian rapper Bucky Raw’s recent music release, “Is Okay,” has ignited a wave of speculation regarding its alleged ties to the Illuminati. Despite no direct mention of the secret society in the lyrics, eagle-eyed fans have pointed out cryptic imagery in the accompanying visuals that suggest a deeper, hidden message.

In the video, Bucky Raw can be seen posing in various scenes, with subtle symbolism scattered throughout. One particular moment has caught the attention of conspiracy theorists—the repetition of the phrase “you all reh, you all reh, you all reh?” This phrase, when analyzed, is purported to contain a coded message, with some suggesting it represents the triple number associated with the devil, a supposed nod to the Illuminati.

Snap-images from “Is Okay” video

Adding fuel to the speculation is Bucky Raw’s recent social media activity. In a WhatsApp status, he declared his return to the music scene with renewed vigor, hinting at a newfound fearlessness. While the rapper has focused on themes of relationships and personal growth in his music, fans are now questioning the origins of his zealousness, wondering if there’s a deeper agenda at play.

Despite the controversy surrounding the video, Bucky Raw remains tight-lipped on the matter, leaving fans to decipher the hidden meanings for themselves. However, this isn’t the first time that allegations of Illuminati involvement have surfaced in the entertainment industry, with numerous artists facing similar accusations throughout history (but they are crying to be rich and wealthy still).

As the debate rages on, one thing is certain—Bucky Raw’s “Is Okay” has reignited discussions about the presence of secret societies in the music industry and the potential influence they wield behind the scenes. Whether these claims hold any merit or are simply the product of overactive imaginations remains to be seen. In the meantime, fans will continue to dissect every frame of the controversial music video, searching for clues that may confirm or debunk the Illuminati connection.

Click the link below to watch the new video release of “Is Okay” – by Bucky Raw, you can find your clue to what is being speculated about him.

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