Yesterday afternoon there was a press conference held at the CDC headquarter in Congo Town, leading a press conference were top ranking youths leader of the Congress for Democratic Change – CDC, spare heading a press conference where all media outlets and news agency were in readiness to get the message that were to be send across. In a summary of what was said in the press conference, that it is not appropriate to see that these two government officials that are from under the banner of the party that is presently leading power in Liberia as in governance to be spoiling the country money any how, they further said, Mr. Potter and Mr. Nagbe should be question for posting of expensive food and buying of car and pouring of champagne on it on social media is a way of making fool out of the poor people of Liberia.

Questions directed to the team of youths leading the conference made them point out few reasons why these guys should be called on by the party to give account of how they are spending.

At the end of the day, journalists were confused as to why this conference were held for such thing as someone buying a car and pouring champagne on it and someone who has been working for over a period of almost all his middle age with government can’t eat a food that cost less then $10-$20 dollars and make a post as a normal human being.

With all of this said, the media has been on fire waiting to see what comes out next from these two guys that were accused of using the people’s(Liberian citizens) money any how, like it is not their salaries.

Mr. Potter send a reply to Henry Costa and others,

“For the records Mr. Liar Man Henry P. Costa, I James Emmanuel Potter, had never ever been prosecuted by any court in the Republic of Liberia and had never been to jail in Liberia. For the records, we were exonerated from all charges by Criminal Court C of the Republic of Liberia. Go and find a damn life for yourself and earn salary. You cannot be me and I cannot be you bro, I worked and I don’t live on lies and black mail like you do bro. I will built homes for my families and buy them whatever they do deserve in this life. I am an honorable Assistant Minister. For you, no record of public office and private office, you’re a waste of yourself. Envy, jealousy and hate has no place on this earth, do the hard thing by earning a damn living and you will do all that a good father and family man will do for their homes to be happy and peaceful.When you smoking Cigar all over the place people buy them for you but for me, I work for my damn money to make my family happy. Get a life!!!My Wife car business will kill you bro. You could not a buy a car for Stephanie and take care of your son,she left your lazy and weak unemployed nigga!!