Sometime last year it was a really sad and tragic time for our dancehall queen after half her wedding finger departed from her hand in a speculated motorcycle accident she tries making her fans understand, everyone sympathize with her and waited for what comes next. The next story was filled with doubts and lots of questions, as she said she and her way back boyfriend that turned to husband had fallen apart.

After a few months, another love story is before us and she says this is the man of her dreams. Has even talked to his mama. CanC made it clear that she has only brought up the face of two men on her social media handle and this second guy is the soon-to-be husband, that is it we don’t hear her crying again about this and, she is a dancehall queen so she dances without even a beat of sound sometimes. The question asked,

Where do broken hearts go? We can’t answer that for any celebrity because almost everyone on this planet has chop breakfast before.

CanC is informing us that she’s not married, not engaged but she’s in a relationship with someone with who she’s so attached again after a breakup that change her country of residence. You don’t forget in West Africa, Especially Liberia, Ghana, and Nigeria it’s the rainy season, so people stay glued to one partner for knacking business (Liberians know what this means). We are waiting for the dry season to see if tears won’t fall, she called him BIG CEO. For what? We shall see soon.

CanC fans are now seeing more love stories from her than hearing new music that will make sense this time. So now that she’s free. Why is CanC so particular about love than her music career? Fans are asking from an Anonymous account.