(GL) – Money and Salvation CEO Koush Wills said he’s not stopping or even resting till all his artist’s albums come and videos are successfully produced. Is it a true saying or are his words going to be made clear as he stated in 2019 that they won’t be left behind cos they are the best and if you don’t chose MNS you are not heading the right path.

Sammi Caine is set to drop The Black Parrots

Classic is on his album called Lunatic Angel, BaKa Ex is coming with the New Generation album and a new trending artist called Detatinto Jack prefer to be called Nasty D, he’s as well join the team late last year(2019) and is set to bring his album through, it is called Nasty World.

These artists are actually working hard and spending a lot of cash in doing audios and videos at once. Paying models and buying the mates wears for videos, this is a great thing to wait for and see. It’s like Money and Salvation is going to make Liberians appreciate Liberian music in a classic way.

Big thumbs up to Money and Salvation.

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