The Education Minister on local radio warned school authorities who desire to promote their students to desist from such an attempt as a promotion cannot be done on the basis of what he called “mere assignments.”

This pronouncement from the MOE has been greeted with discontentment within the public as many think it is not a good move but a waste of time for the students and a waste of resources for parents, guardians and sponsors of those students.

Several students, especially 12th graders, made known their frustration over the MOE’s decision on social media and on the radio. They are frustrated that their plans for the future are somehow being upended by any delay in their academic sojourn.

The MOE in a statement noted that it recognizes the strike on students learning processes and the financial instability of schools, as well as teachers and school-workers, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

The ministry is therefore in consultation with education and health sector stakeholders, finalizing a comprehensive policy aimed at outlining clear strategies on mitigating several factors and challenges to facilitate the reopening of schools and complete the academic year 2019/2020 in line with the National curriculum.

“Sequel to the above, the Ministry of Education also confirms that NO DATE has been set for the resumption of classes and any physical academic activities. Hence, all schools (Public, Private, Faith-based and Community) shall remain closed until the health authorities deem it safe to reopen and begin physical/on-campus activities,” the MOE said.

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