In what was poised to be a groundbreaking moment, the Pan African Women Project’s award program in Liberia is encountering unexpected turbulence on its journey to success.

Behind the scenes, budgetary constraints have cast a shadow over the event, raising doubts about the much-anticipated performance by global African music sensation, Davido. The event’s management is grappling with financial challenges that threaten to derail the entire program.

Compounding the issue, the absence of key figures in Liberia’s publicity and promotional landscape has left a void in the event’s promotional efforts. Bloggers and promoters are sounding the alarm, cautioning their audiences about the potential pitfalls of an event missing the crucial support needed for its success.

Adding to the air of uncertainty, ticket prices have surged without a clear rationale, leaving potential attendees puzzled. The confluence of these challenges raises questions about the viability of the event slated for January 19, 2024.

In these turbulent times, the organizers face a critical juncture where transparent communication becomes a lifeline. The ability to openly address the setbacks, make informed decisions, and possibly recalibrate the event’s trajectory will determine whether the Pan African Women Project’s award program in Liberia can weather the storm and emerge triumphant.