Awards winner music producer, master of songs production, the man that brought little artists to the front page, the genius that stood up for the local and the only Liberian music producer to get one of the highest record of international collaboration done with other foreign artists, the man that produce for all, and mastered all producing skills when it comes to music making.

Stone Luckshine was the name that everyone could hear before hearing any song played on the street, the clubs, on the phones and even in Liberian movies. (Aii Luckyboi…)
His record has never been reached(in producing songs), but his silence has cause younger producers to have a permanent ground in the industry. Letting lose of his talent give artists like DenG, JB Soul Fresh, Shinning Man, Takun J, Petty D Best, David Mell, and lot of other great artists that came in through his great work.

Stone worked with almost all the trending artists in Liberia, made them hear their songs on bigger platforms and radio because his connections made his work to go out. Questions about what’s going on with Stone Luckshine is a secret in the air. People are wondering why since Susan (CEO of G’S Lib) , his girlfriend came across him, they started to battle with CIC about the charges set against her, Suzan, which happened to be Stone LuckShine girlfriend, his whole production life just went down and nobody is hearing from him, his music are not reaching out, the artists he’s managing are not trending and so much more.

Stone changing his studio in three location might have been one of many reasons why. Presently got his studio in the Red Light belt . LuckyBoi is still producing, but it is clear that he’s not looking at the ones that are popular any more. Stating few months ago, that most of them never had his back when he needed them the most.

Will Luckshine get back to the level he was on in the industry as the best producer or will he start trending behind a newer producer and younger? Fans are wondering where’s LuckyBoi Music gone. It seems to be DenG was well connected to LuckBoi when it come to making him(DenG) hit but its not like that anymore, DenG went down with Stone LuckShine, as he is almost out of the Picture. Shine The Via Mandingo once said to Rawlo,

“I am better then DenG when it comes to singing, DenG will see what will happen when I hit the scene again, let him be relying on Stone Luckshine.”

Next Week: Let us get to hear what Shine has on his new record deal and what’s coming that makes him think he’s better then DenG.