The Late Michael Jackson sang about Liberian girls, top African musicians did the same and the list goes on. In Liberia many people don’t deny the facts about Liberian girls got beauty and they know how to make that beauty turn both genders on for a relationship.

The search for The Most beautiful Girl in Liberia is on, but it got some shocking news behind it that is conflicting to see if this program will continue. Bintu Kromah the CEO of Lasa Link and Kitchen said she got robbed oof her idea because it was discussed to her trusted female friend, Amb Briggitte Rouhana. She (Bintu) further stated that, she never had the franchise to do the job, but she contacted the owner of the franchise who happen to be the boss of Kool FM and CT COM Liberia Limited.

With her (Bintu Kromah) to make this dream become a reality where it wont be restricted to a youthful age range, but including woman that seems left out of the show of showing out their true beauty, for which she know that Liberian women got the attributes to be seen around the world as one of the most beautiful women from Africa, even if they have children or a child. In discussion with her, she further said, she never expected Brigitte to go behind her and start doing what she, Brigitte had no idea about, only because she wanted to incorporate her since she’s into the pageantry, but to her out most surprise, her idea was already going on behind her back.

She (Bintu Kromah) made a post about this that send a message to Brigitte.
Let see how this goes…

Keep posted for the flow of who’s so beautiful to host the most beautiful girl in Liberia. CT COM Liberia Limited boss now have the final saying. But if the franchise is not giving to the person that brought the idea up, what do you think will happen between these ladies?

Guess Brigitte need to say something cos the fans of BMA are reading through and need to get a prove as to what Brintu is saying.