William V. S. Tubman was the 19th president of Liberia – serving from 1944 – 1971

Above is a family photo of when his Father Alexander Tubman died somewhere between 1917-1920.

In the front row left to right:
Alexander Tubman, William only sibling who grew to adulthood (from an original 6 kids)
Elizabeth Barnes Tubman, Mother of William & Alexander Tubman – she had previously been a widow of Sandy Yancy.

Empty seat representing Alexander Tubman, father of President Tubman
Araminta Dent Tubman, first wife of President William Tubman
William V. S. Tubman – who later became president in 1944.
In the back row left to right:
Mansfield W Yancy, grandson of Elizabeth Barnes Yancy Tubman – through her son also named Mansfield.

Elizabeth Yancy – granddaughter of Elizabeth Barnes Yancy Tubman and sister of Mansfield W. Yancy. (she later married a Gibson)