The shake and bake story is getting catchy by the day with the names of organizations, brands, and businesses being copied one from to the next.

The name Dump Pile Hero has caused noise on the internet since it was launched today by four young entrepreneurs who are widely known as influencers ladies among thousands of Liberians in and out of Liberia. Chichipoly Room covered a story on it and other renowned blogs did the same relating to how the name Dump Pile Hero (Dump Pa Hero) was originally owned by another group of young Liberians, but today to their utmost surprise it was launched by another group, this caused another drama which results to rope hull bush, bush pull all that is within it along to where it is being hulled, and the ghost shell burst with another wahala which is we are currently trying to look into from memory lane.

Michelle Michelle openly commented making an indirect reference to Benita Urey who’s one of the founding members or let’s say, the CEO of Dump Pile Hero saying “This is the perfect time to mention that the blog she runs presently wasn’t her idea name or concept. It’s mine all mine.”

What is going on here? If Michelle says it was her idea and it’s all for her, why can’t she own it when it’s her own thing, and she’s even having it published on her Facebook page as: “The original Liberian Influencer.”

Will Benita give us a response to what we have here from Michelle or it will all die down in the Dump Pile that they are already parking? Gee’s never finished.

There were few media posts made to Michelle’s comment… Funny but it’s like Michelle is let down in the comedy zone.

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