Three days ago it was a rumor that Moses Carter who was the Liberia National Police (LNP) spokesman was suspended from his duty without any reasonable reasons or a letter wasn’t given to him, which the rumors were spreading, this got the attention of the spokesman, in his defense he made a social media post saying;

A few days after he made that post, and following such news, he drew the attention of LNP HR, Fritgerald Biago which lead to a phone conversation that didn’t go down well with Mr. Carter, after their conversation, whatever information he gathered he (Moses Carter) made a social media post, a post that brought out many questions as to why is he being treated in such a manner and not being given any particular reasons for his unannounced suspension to leave his position through the right channel and protocol that governs the laws. Here’s the post he did on his social media handle(Facebook);

What next? The biggest question asked.

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