Jonathan Lee who’s one of Liberia newest artist’s came from the grassroots of singing as an underground artist to show face on bigger platforms due to his consistencies in pushing his music career.

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JZyNo is attractive in appearance and has a better posture as an artist/ a celebrity, his fans run after him because of his prefect look athletic body, he brilliant and his lyrics are well edited before getting it on a beat. In an interview with him, he came out saying.

JZyNo on the move ❤️

I was motivated from friends and family when they saw all I was doing as a great thing, this happened here in Liberia before I left Liberia for Ghana, when I arrived in Ghana, I never stopped, I pushed harder and started putting my music on Tunes Liberia and other local platforms in and out of Liberia, from that end I saw much love flowing that made me happy to see this talent wasn’t just dying in me, but people was welcoming it.

Now as I see myself climbing the ladder bit by bit, I am sure to be and I want to be Africa best Artist some day soon.”

From his career standpoint, you can see he’s not just any kind of underground artist that don’t want to grow, or want the fame so bad, he’s more focus on meeting with those that will push his career far then being everywhere just for the noticed.

JZyNo studio section

His musical career is a big dream come through, he as tracks recorded with other artists that has been exposed to music for a long time, featuring Naa Norley on a track called Slow Mo, He feature TeddyRide on a tracked called Kpan Kpan, this song took him far then any other music in Liberia, his style oh it was exceptional and much mature then his first tracks ever, featuring Kizzy W on another track called It’s Over. His first song made from the studio is called Africa Unite featuring Nilo Brown.

He presently managed by Aries Dean, CEO of AEMG. He spoke about the unity we have in Liberia among entertainers, he said,

We are still struggling for unity and that’s one thing that is making us not to grow as other African nations around us that has young artists that hit the African scene or industry every year, but in Liberia it is not so, because we don’t support each other to hit, the comparison is not productive but if not me it’s not you, that mentality JB soul Fresh talked about once.

JZyNo is a good artist that has a career to push as he said he wish to one day be heard all over Africa like Wizkid and Davido from Nigeria as well as Diamond from Tanzania . He was asked if he’s making money from his music career, he replied,

DenG (Far Left) Master Queen (Middle) JZyNo (Right)

“I am not making money from the downloads of my songs, but I am being paid and taken care of by my management team, that I can say, I am making a little amount from my career because of my management, but if it from download on local platforms, I will say no, maybe when I attend shows and get some positive connections that I get to see that as a progress to making some cash from my career.”

Coming back to Liberia after several years in Ghana, he decide to stay here (Liberia) for a while and build his musical career before reaching out to other Africans for collaboration. JZyNo is a prefect match for Afro Music in Liberia. Watch out for JZyNo

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