(GL) A Liberian brother by the name Patrick Smith, 24 years old immigrant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He eloquently spoke to CNN about the current protest across the United States as it relates to the death of George Floyd and racism in America. He went for a peaceful protest for a man death that shocked the entire world, a news that put a halt to COVID-19 report and cases haven’t been observe any more, and his death news is circulating the entire internet as other nations are protesting to pay respect to black lives and all lives that matters and shouldn’t be taken because another man or another color of human race thinks it is best to just end it.

After he(Patrick Smith) spoke to CNN, he decided to reach home but he was chased by few security officers and arrested. Here’s what he wrote:

Patrick Smith Message type on Note Pad

Let us look at the video that he was interviewed in and listen carefully to his words and why will anyone want to get him down. Again listen to the correspondence last message to Patrick. “Stay Safe.”

The reporter was impressed by the level of understanding he got from Patrick, he asked and even had a better conversation with Patrick like it wasn’t an interview, but a true conversation to get and hear more.


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