In a proactive move to prepare for the upcoming rainy season and prevent potential flooding, the Ministry of Public Works, in collaboration with the Liberia Urban Resilience Project (LURP), has embarked on a comprehensive drainage cleanup initiative. With generous funding from the World Bank and the French Development Agency, the project aims to ensure the unimpeded flow of water from urban areas to rivers and oceans, thereby averting the risk of inundation and safeguarding communities against the devastating effects of flooding.

Dubbed “QUICK WIN,” the drainage cleanup campaign kicked off with the establishment of access roads at the Wein Town Landfill located outside Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. This strategic starting point underscores the project’s commitment to tackling drainage issues at their source, facilitating the efficient disposal of waste and debris that often obstruct drainage systems.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of community involvement in ensuring the success of such endeavors, the Ministry of Public Works organized a series of community awareness and engagement meetings in key areas such as Doe Community, Monbo Town, Soniwein, Clara Town, and Duala. These consultations provided residents with valuable insights into the objectives of the project and fostered a sense of ownership and responsibility among community members.

Currently, the initiative has transitioned from planning to action, with cleanup operations now underway in targeted communities within Monrovia and its environs. Teams of dedicated workers are actively engaged in rehabilitating blocked drainage lines, removing accumulated sediment, and clearing obstructions to restore optimal flow capacity. This on-the-ground effort exemplifies the government’s commitment to delivering tangible results within a specified timeframe.

Minister Roland Layfette Giddings, during his Confirmation Hearing, pledged to prioritize the enhancement of Liberia’s urban infrastructure as part of the ministry’s 100-Day Deliverables. The commencement of the drainage rehabilitation project underscores the government’s unwavering dedication to fulfilling this promise and addressing the pressing needs of its citizens.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works, Minister Giddings reiterated the importance of proactive measures in mitigating the impact of natural disasters, stating, “By investing in the rehabilitation of our drainage systems, we are not only safeguarding lives and property but also laying the groundwork for sustainable urban development.”

As the project progresses, stakeholders remain optimistic about its potential to enhance the resilience of Liberia’s urban infrastructure and protect vulnerable communities from the adverse effects of flooding. With continued collaboration between government agencies, development partners, and local residents, the vision of a more resilient and sustainable Liberia draws ever closer.